About Javi O And His Work

Javi O's collections encompass different style elements and emphasize the major artistic influences that have inspired his designs. His work shows a dedication to his art and a meticulous attention to quality craftsmanship.

His experience began as a bench jeweler in his early twenties in Mexico City where he trained as an apprentice for several years and established himself as a journeyman, before becoming a designer. Eventually, as Maestro of the "taller", he oversaw the design operations that produced innovative designs for an international clientele.

His work inspired him to seek out the few remaining founders of the Taxco Silver heritage where he worked with the Masters to learn their trademark techniques, such as the Castillo's "Married Metals".

In 1998, Javier moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and began working with local jewelers, expanding his techniques while becoming more attuned to American tastes and American Art Jewelry history.

In parallel, he began working with local collectors of antique, studio artist, and fine art jewelry, which led him to broaden the scope of his designs. These collections are the result of his Mexican heritage, background in fine jewelry, and admiration for a variety of periods of jewelry of the last century.

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